The Pressure Must Be Getting to Them
The Beta Team heads to Culiacan, Mexico, hunting down a band of kidnapped missionaries. However, they're plagued by bizarre dreams, causing them to act irrationally.

After touchdown in Mexico, the team split up, looking for leads and armaments. Ariel and Robert committed multiple acts of petty larceny to supply petty cash and handguns, Clarence made contact with the local rentboy community to get a lead on who might have taken the missionaries, while [Alan’s Character] picked up a couple pistols from a local hustler.

The Beta Team sought out contact with the Gulf Federation, a nearby rival to the Sinaloa Cartel, but a sudden depressive mood rendered [Alan’s Character] unable to make the call himself, prompting Clarence to pick up the slack.

The meet was in Mazatlan, three hours to the south. Elieis Cardenas, local big shot for the Gulf Federation, met with [Alec’s Character], Clarence, and Steven in the back of a diner called Cesar’s. Ariel and Robert waited in the dining room, while Chace loitered outside.

[Alan’s Character] negotiated with a very reluctant Cardenas, who disclosed the sorry state of the Gulf Federation in Mazatlan. The Federation had been pushed to the brink by new leadership in the Sinaloa Cartel. No one knows who heads the Cartel, but everyone knows about “Pahena Pequeno,” the Little Bird. When a Sinaloa Cartel member receives a note, it’s understood that these are orders to be followed. Sometimes the notes are organizational, but they’re often used to target people for assasination. The Cartel seems almost omniscient, as any attempt to oppose them meets with catastrophe, no matter how well-concealed. Some say Pahena walks with devils, others say he is Satan himself.

[Alan’s Character] attempted to play on this religious card to gain Cardenas’ assistance, but was interrupted by Clarence, who insisted that Cardenas was responsible for kidnapping a young girl years ago. Steven pulled him out of the meeting, while [Alan’s Character] continued to talk with Cardenas.

Meanwhile, Robert decided it would be valuable to pull some information from a couple torpedoes hanging around the diner, but Ariel took the opportunity to pick a fight. Despite attempts by the rest of the team to de-escalate the situation, it continued to spiral out of control (causing Steven to flee the scene and Chace to flip a car) until [Alan’s Character] arrived and called down the fury of the Lord, holding back any further aggression. The entire diner froze, shocked by [Alan’s Character]’s appearance and the apparent intervention of holy powers. Struck by this vision, Cardenas swore to aid the Beta Team with their requests.

That evening, Steven blasted the team for their poor behavior. Ariel snuck out, ran back to Culiacan, ransacked a police station for information on the cartel, and ran back.